Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dog School

On Saturday, Abbi and I were scheduled to attend her first class of puppy preschool. (Alli and I will begin the Thursday evening class, later this week.)

We got the call around noon...

Snow Day!

The girls weigh twice what they weighed when I brought them home two months ago...

Abbi is 42 pounds and Alli is 48

While I was in Japan, Beloved Niece Megan moved in to serve as a 24-hour live-in pet-sitter. This was a huge blessing to me and the puppies. With her loving care, their days passed without a care and I was able to enjoy my trip with a lot less anxiety.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ice Queen

Tonight, Alli served herself fresh ice cubes!

I have a good camera....My sister has a great camera, (plus extensive training and a studio lighting system, which she very generously hauled half way across the country to photograph the puppies.)

The girls were beautiful cooperative models...Taken 3 Jan 2010 in my library.

Check out more of her work at:


The girls had a jolly holiday season with a parade of loving, understanding house guests. Alli weighs 37 pounds and Abbi is at 33. They turned four months old this past week.

In the commotion of entertaining and serving drinks, Abbi figured out a new trick. Much to our surprise, she dispensed herself an ice cube from the refrigerator's in-door dispenser. I witnessed her mom, Dana pulling the same stunt when I visited the puppies in October, so this is an inherited trick and not entirely unexpected. Luckily for the shiny finish on our fridge, she has not repeated the trick...yet...

Alli presented us with a challenge. While Abbi has a very clear "tell" regarding her need to go outside for elimination, Alli has no "tell." This was making house-training a real guessing game.

Just for grins, I hung a small brass bell from the doorknob on the back door and guess who rang it first? Alli was very curious and very nosy about the new shiny thing. As soon as it rang, I opened the door, and then every time it rang after that, I opened the door. Now we have a pretty good understanding about the bell.

So Abbi has a "tell" and Alli has a bell.