Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Wee Small Hours

The "Babies" are still sleeping. The first night they had to go out at 3 am. I think the second night my tossing and turning woke them instead and we had another 3 am outing. This morning they fussed at 4:30 awakened by the normal M-F schedule which is driven by the insane D.C. commute. They went out, did business and came right back in. At this moment I hear soft snoring.

It takes them 15-30 minutes to settle into the crate. This morning I was treated to "Monster-Talk" for about 20 minutes. "Monster-Talk" is a bizzare range of nasal vocalics and grunts accented by chirps and yelps. It is their private twin language. They use it with me a little when sassy moods strike, but "Monster-Talk" in it's highest form is just between them.

All of my Irish Setters have been great talkers. Nora was good at expressing outrage over perceived injustices. I know I encourage back talk, because ultimately I find it charmingly irresistable.

I find "Monster-Talk" irresistable, too.

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